Death by suicide has reached a crisis point amongst citizens 12-24

A Mental Resiliency Campaign

Mental health professionals foresee a monumental crisis emerging within all public sectors

There's no surgery for depression

Las Vegas schools have generated national news surrounding their spike in death by suicide

The Mental Hussle Continues

School leaders across the nation are seeking proactive ways to generate and maintain hope within their student populations

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Our Purpose

We hope to offer school districts, universities, corporations and individuals an array of uniquely uplifting products that promote the importance of sustaining mental health and resiliency. This campaign will be pushed by the efforts and events of the Heart 2 Give (mental health awareness) non profit organization.


These current times have mentally impacted so many people who just need to feel, see or hear someone say

The World Wouldn’t Spin The Same Without You®

This initiative was birthed from the heart of Brandarius Johnson, a suicide survivor, mental resiliency speaker and dedicated mental hope advocate.

The brand WRAPPED in HOPE captures the core objective of offering a proactive option for expressing compassion and also an understanding for those affected most by the recent social distance and other quarantine mandates.

The Mission

The mission is to raise awareness around the oncoming mental illness crisis and promote hope in attempt to avoid more S.A.D. (Suicide . Anxiety . Depression .) days. 

Product Focus

Promote People Helping People

  • Instill Words

    The words we wear, can enhance the way we feel.

  • Send a Message

    Help us promote hope and encourage another to pause before committing harm to themselves.

  • Lending a Helping Hand

    Please share this page with others so that we can pollinate hope across the country.

  • Spread the Love

    We need your support in wrapping hope around those unable to to participate in the campaign. If you have a heart to give, please consider making a donation today.

There's No Surgery for Depression

Mental Resiliency presentations, programs and products

The World Wouldn't Spin The Same Without You®

Inclusive clothing designed to promote personal value

The Mental Hustle Continues

Providing access to information and articles related to mental illness & health