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We have created a nonprofit organization that will honor the legacies of the earth angels we’ve buried way too soon...

Mission Statement

We have a mission to encourage growth and give back, by first challenging the negative stigma associated with mental illness and promote strategies that support mental health.

Vision Statement

We have an ambitious vision to promote a message of hope and healing around the globe, to inspire us all to tackle each new day as if it were day number one.

H2G Programs:

Walk and Talk - A monthly mental health awareness event that takes place at a local park, allowing for the community to come together for some fresh air, a nice walk, and great conversation.

Write it Out - A social emotional journaling program that encourages the expression of feelings in a safe space. This program allows for individuals of various ages to safely and constructively channel emotional energy onto a blank page as a safer way to work with challenging thoughts.

Purpose Parties - Our uplifting events designed to inspire our youth to bounce back from the feelings of sadness and depression. These high energy experiences will bring young people together for really engaging activities and motivational pep talks.

Next Step - takes into account the “kids love for kicks” and H2G works with school counselors and therapists to provide a pair of custom sneakers to young people taking steps to strengthen their mental health and their mental resiliency to deal with life’s stress and setbacks.