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Give America Hope Again

Give America Hope Again

We are preparing to launch a national campaign that is aimed at generating HOPE for so many Americans dealing with an array of mental stressors. The (emerging) data is heart breaking, as this is becoming an even greater crisis than it already was prior to 2020.

So why do we promote HOPE?

Because, we cannot medicate our way out of this oncoming tsunami of mental health cases. And, our community of therapist, counselors, psychologist, and psychiatrist will be overwhelmed by this wave that is coming. “There’s no surgery for depression”, is something profoundly true that Brandarius just mentioned to me recently. 

So many people will be forced to tend to their own needs and heal themselves from the inside out. This will require lots of mental resiliency to accomplish. Therefore, as professional encouragers- we wish to promote the HOPE that will be necessary to take on this task. And, to inspire YOU to assist a fellow American that may need you to see them, hear them or hug them.

- Give America Hope Again - 

This is more than just a statement. It is a citizen based rallying cry for us to serve as hero’s and shero’s. We will all need to step up for one another and that’s what will make us great.  We are truly honored to have been tasked with this vision and will work to be genuine stewards of it.

“be encouraged to encourage someone today” - Johnnie Williams III


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